On the bank of the Danube River

Poet: Abdughopur Qutluq (Kazakhstan)

Translated from Uyghur by Aziz Isa (United Kingdom)


Great River Danube, you are flowing with waves.

Now I am standing at your bank, do you recognise me?

Have you yet asked who I am?

Have you asked the hero Attila who once crossed you?

Here I come to visit you today, bringing with me a great desire-

So there is no other way I could give up my wishes-

Because I am still so thirsty-

Because I cannot drink the wine of liberty.

Do you recognise me by my embroidered hat?

I am Uyghur but I don’t have a flag at the UN-

Yes I have a country but not an independent state!

So I have no status in the world!

Though the Huns are not strangers to the Uyghurs-

Because life tastes better with freedom-

But we are living under a dictatorship!

The Uyghurs for a long time have had no happiness.

Do you recognise me by my embroidered hat?

The Huns and the Uyghurs spread from the same father-

And the world once saw-

From Orkhun to the Tarim in our hands.

Without asking consent I drink your water with my hands-

We are brothers created by God.

When I see your blue smiling eyes-

My heart is sad and my tears flow...

21st February 2011


Uyghur Pen

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